Film XR
An immersive bridge between cinema and virtual reality
XR Film Festivals&Showcases
Starting from 2018 Film XR's team was involved in curation and organisation of
XR Festivals&Showcases.
Film XR's founder, Georgy Molodtsov was invited as a curator and producer of the offline events, as well as Film XR's team was behind technical execution of the exhibitions.
In partnership with Institut Francais de Georgie we organise showcases of French Immersive&XR experiences in Batumi and Tbilisi.
Independent events in partnership with non-governmental organisations, art and culture institutions, museums.
Interactive Experiences & Metaverse
Independent production or participation in co-productions and providing creative services to international projects.
Multi-platform XR animation universe powered
by kitten Mormitten, game engines and magic
"MormoVerse" is an umbrella brand for an awarded multi-platform project about handmade toy kitten Mormitten.

Original story was created by Georgy's father Sergey Molodtsov over 30 years ago.
It developed from a weekly newspaper page in 1995 to VR game prototype, short animation film and Virtual world in VRChat.
Upcoming formats includes 360 films, animation series, AR books and beyond.


Narrative virtual experience
from the creators of "OXYMORE by Jean-Michel Jarre"

Kazakhstan, Estonia
Interactive VR
Release: 2025
Director, Producer (INGLOOM Studio): Pavel Pavlyukov
Co-producer (Film XR): Georgy Molodtsov
Jean-Michel Jarre's
Immersive Music Experience

Created and Produced by VRROOM
50 min, 2022, France

Multiformat immersive concert of the French electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre performed live on October 22, 23 and 24, 2022. Virtual part of the project takes place in Oxyville, a virtual city inspired by iconic musical instruments of the earliest stages of electronic music and an homage to Pierre Henry.

Georgy Molodtsov invited art director Pavel Pavlyukov, R&D specialist Dmitry Vorobiev and 3D animator Vlad Maleev to collaborate on the project and overviewed the production.

Music and Creative Direction: Jean-Michel Jarre
Creative Producer: Louis Cacciuttolo
Art Director / 3D Artist: Pavel Pavlyukov
VR&Film Director / Producer: Georgy Molodtsov (FILM XR, Estonia, Georgia)

Web site of the project

Film XR:
Georgy Molodtsov
Creative and Executive producer of the project
Kitten Mormitten and all its formats are initiated by Georgy - son of the author of the fairy tale "Under the Pillow" Sergey Molodtsov.
Georgy is a VR&film director, including the director and producer of Jean-Michel Jarre's VR concert (Webby Award 2023, PGA Nomination 2023, Crystal Owl Award 2022, Raindance Special Mentioning 2022).
He started this project as a VR storytelling game with Belarussian studio Feeling Digital as the Under the Pillow XR project. The XR pilot was screened in Cannes as part of the Cannes Film Festival 2021 and won the Halo Award for Best VR Fiction Game.
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