EMC VR Film Festival

June 17-19 2016, Moscow, Russia

3 days

33 films
65 synced
Samsung Gear VR devices
Over 1850 visitors, over
2000 viewers
First Russian Spherical Film Festival «EMC VR FILM Festival» was held in Moscow in 2016 - The Year of Russian Cinema.
35 films were presented in 3 major programs:
International Panorama
International Competition
EMC VR Film Lab

Program Director – Georgy Molodtsov
Festival Director – Artur Trapizonyan

Initiator of the festival - Dell EMC Company, the world leader in information storage and management.

Winner of the International Competition – "KAFKA 360", dir. Tal Goldberg, Israel
Special Diploma of the Jury – "War Knows No Nation", dir. Oleg Chetverikov, Belarus

Winner of the EMC VR Film Lab - Aleksey Likhnitsky ("The Story of one Jester" and "Nu and others" producer)

Festival was realized with the VR Cinema technology developed by Interactive Lab, which allowed to synchronise over 65 Samsung Gear VR Helmets with Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.

Festival venue - SREDA RED LOFT.
Festival was free to all viewers, with pre-screening registration

Festival Organisers
Festival Partners
Программа фестиваля
В программе фестиваля было представлено 33 картины в трех основных программах:
Международная панорама
В «Панораму» вошли игровые, анимационные и документальные фильмы-участники международных кинофестивалей класса «А». У зрителей была уникальная возможность VR-фильмы из программ Каннского кинофестиваля, фестивалей Tribeca IFF, IDFA, HotDocs, Dok Leipzeg, Sundance и других.
Всемирно известные фильмы были впервые показаны в России и переведены на русских язык.
Лаборатория VR-кино
Первая российская образовательная программа для режисссеров VR-кино. В рамках фестиваля состоялись премьерные показы фильмов, созданных студентами Московской школы кино специально для EMC VR Film Festival. Студенты прошли курс обучения в Лаборатории VR-кино, а также получили возможность реализовать свои творческие идеи в формате 360 градусов. Итогом стало создание
6 оригинальных российских

Конкурсная программа
В конкурсной программе было представлено 15 российских и зарубежных VR-фильмов, созданных независимыми студиями из числа поданных на фестиваль заявок.
Работы из России, Белоруссии, Израиля, США, Германии и Индии впервые были показаны российской аудитории.
Festival Jury
EMC VR Film Lab
First Russian educational program with the practical production of
Cinematic VR Shorts.
Dell EMC, Moscow Film School, AVRA
Festival Team

Dell EMC Company is the world leader in information storage and management.
With the advent of virtual reality technology, the entertainment industry and the media is on the verge of revolution - the very concept of the video is being transformed now. Modern technology solutions required to work with the new standards are available to customers of Dell EMC, for example, Dell EMC Isilon platform has become the recognized industry standard for storage and processing of multimedia information. In 2016 IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Equipment Manufacturers) recognized Dell EMC Isilon as the best platform to work in the media data.

Dell EMC solutions are used by many companies in the TV and film industry, for example, the Berlin International Film Festival, Animal Logic (the studio that created such masterpieces as "The Matrix", "Lego the Movie", "Walking with Dinosaurs" and others), Discovery Communication (company number one in the field of scientific and popular content), Laika Entertainment (the first to do a puppet cartoon in 3D - "Caroline in the country nightmares»), FotoKem (studio, engaged in post-production work of "Interstellar," "monsters, Inc.", etc.), Legend 3D (the largest 3D studio-in the US that created the 3D-effects for such films as "Transformers: dark of the moon," "Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides" and "The Smurfs") and Lightstorm Entertainment that made a breakthrough in the field of 3D-experience along with the movie "Avatar "

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