Narrative virtual experience
from the creators of "OXYMORE by Jean-Michel Jarre"

Kazakhstan, Estonia
Interactive VR
Release: 2025
Director, Producer (INGLOOM Studio): Pavel Pavlyukov
Co-producer (Film XR): Georgy Molodtsov
On a night train, several passengers are suffering from insomnia.
To pass the sleepless night, they start sharing their stories

While on the train, the player will be immersed in the events described by fellow travelers, finding himself in different places and time periods.
Solving puzzles, facing the dark shadows that inhabit this story.

By morning, the boundary between reality and fantasy dissolves.

The train arrives into a world generated by the fantasies of fellow travelers.
The narrative consists of five stories.

The main line is the story of the protagonist.
The other four are stories told by fellow travelers.

Going through each new story, the player connects
it with the previous one into a single whole.

As a result, a strange picture of reality appears in the protagonist's head,
which by morning takes on the density of the real world.
The world where the train will arrive.
The player's task is to explore the locations and, interacting with the environment, observe his character's reactions.

The more carefully and attentively the player acts, the more details of the story will be revealed.
The graphics are created without the use of bitmap textures, which removes the issue of image quality for an standalone VR devices
(Meta Quest and Pico Neo 4)
The environment looks like a stage set.

The Player has a feeling of abnormal perception of usual things.

But keep true to yourself ― the main character is The Train.

Frustrain universe spans several time and space pivots.

Straight train set breaks up to turn the train into an embroiled labyrinth. Roomless places and corridors take shapes of night streets and then — back to the train again.
Frustrain is a musical experience. Monologues and dialogues accompanied by a clatter of wheels and music turn the game into some peculiar industrial opera.
Soundtrack and sound effects will be contributed industrial stage group REUTOFF ―


FRUSTRAIN is produced by INGLOOM Studio (Kazakhstan) in co-production with Film XR (Estonia). Project is initiated by Pavel Pavlyukov, whose artistic style and approach are at the heart of the whole experience.
  • Pavel Pavlyukov
    Webby Award winning, European XR Award winning 3D Artist and Art Director.
    Experience over 10 years. Engaged in digital illustration, character design, subject design,and interior design. Participates in the development of computer games as a creative director, 2D and 3D artist, as well as a screenwriter.

  • Dmitry Vorobyov
    Dmitry has a master's degree in software engineering along with a decade of development experience, including working in a team that's are developing VR-products for business. This experience has given him a solid background in game development and entrepreneurship. Recently, he's been specializing in VR-development with an emphasis on its appliance
    in the game industry as well as in education. The author of the VRCM syncing software for simultaneous screenings, which was used at many VR film festivals. OXYMORE Lead Developer.
  • Kirill Komarov
    Author, screenwriter, copywriter and translator with 12+ years experience. Involved into creating of scenarios for major events, commercials, corporate events. Participated in marketing campaigns for global brands as a copywriter and screenwriter. Author of short stories, novels.
  • Georgy Molodtsov
    Founder of Film XR ("MormoVerse", Best Immersive Narrative winner @ Raindance Immersive 2023, Tbilisi VR Days and more), XR director and producer at VRROOM (Webby Award winning, PGA nominated "OXYMORE"), Curator of the Open Frame Award for VR within goEast Film Festival (Germany), programming director of VR Sci Fest (Sweden). Television Academy Emerging Media Programming Peer Group Member.
In 2021 our team (Pavel Pavlyukov as an artistic director, Dmitry Vorobyov as lead developer, Georgy Molodtsov as XR director and line producer) was invited to collaborate with Jean-Michel Jarre and VRROOM on OXYMORE Immersive musical experience, associated with the release of his new album, for which Pavel also designed visual style and cover.

Pavel was selected based on the visual concept of FRUSTRAIN, which fully fit the idea that Jean-Michel Jarre had in mind for his project.

We created a virtual metropolis, consisting of stylized vintage musical equipment, where Jean-Michel Jarre's live performances took place.
OXYMORE received various international awards and is listed as one recommended world in VRChat with over 250.000 visitors to date.

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